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Of What Importance Is Irrigation

Watering of crops is an everyday farming activity. Irrigation server so much importance not only to the farmer but also to the consumer of such products Most commonly practiced methods of crop watering are surfaces, subsurface, drip, and spray. The kind irrigation one opts for should take into considerations the size of land, source of water and the kind of crop planted. Further to this, you need to look at the availability of water and irrigation technology. There exist several reasons why we need to irrigate our lands. These advantages are.

The amounts of rainfall that most of the world experience are unreliable. It does not rain frequently, but the little that falls is poor on timing and insufficient. This in turn cause drought for the better part of the year. The for the need to find amicable solution is inevitable. The only way out of this is to water crops. Through irrigations, we able to sustain our crop production all through the year. At times the rains can be ad masters. Such damaging rains can be informed of hailstones which destroy crops on the spot. Very a strong storm can cause floods that subsequently sweep away plants.

Irrigation is also a means of achieving optimal harvest. Total crop yields have very high possibilities with the practice of spraying. Provision of water making the conditions favorable for growth. It ensures. Therefore, the plants grow entirely. Therefore, irrigation provide high yields. The higher the yields the more the suitability of the population. Poor returns often lead to hunger and starvation situation the irrigation can correct.

It is more convenient to have more than to two crops on the same piece of land at a go. The presence of surplus water means that the plants do not scramble for water. This, therefore, favors the growth of other types of crops. Growing of more than one crop be done rotationally form one season to another within the same year. Ccrop rotation also help in maintaining soil fertility. Most common way of achieving this is planting nitrogen-fixing plants such as legumes.

Irrigation also increase land utilization. Rain determinant seasons are inefficient when it comes to land usage. This is because most people do not wish to make huge losses. Ploughing and planting on just small pieces of land is viewed to be safer in case the rains do not come as espected. But with irrigation, can maximum exhaust your piece of land since the availability of water is guaranteed.

Food security is the worlds most significant challenge for millions. There exists an imbalance between the population and food available for that population. It, therefore, means that the demand for food is high than the supply. Many are therefore at risk of going without food. Proper Investments in irrigation can, however, change this pattern. Land is available but lies bare. Putting such under irrigation can ensure no one goes without food.

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