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Who Are Tech Entrepreneurs?

First question that needs answering is, ‘what exactly is an entrepreneur?

I’m most certain 90% of the people reading this now know the answer to that question so why ask you wonder? In the 80’s it was generally associated to being unemployed so you did whatever you could to make ends meet but now, it means that someone decided to do away with the corporate slave life and invest in their own skills to make their own businesses and thrive.

Let’s take a few moments to understand and appreciate what it really means to be an entrepreneur before we jump into what it is to be the champions of the tech world. In recent times, many professions have claimed to call themselves entrepreneurs: Founder, business owner, inventor, creative, CEO, director, developer, partner, chairperson, and many others.

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Do we all agree that there is, to some degree, an entrepreneurial trait each of these professions share? However, you cannot classify a startup founder in the same league as a small business owner nor is he or she in the same category as an inventor with a patent but no business.

The real problem there is that we read so many books on how to become en entrepreneur but we lose sight of what it really means and what that profession truly entails.

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