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Benefits Of A Gas Long Fire

A warm fire brightens a room and lifts the spirits on a cold winter day, but many homeowners find fireplaces to be more trouble than they’re worth. Procuring firewood, tending the fire, and emptying the ashes require a good bit of labor; not only that, but sparks from a fire can damage the floor or furniture or even start a house fire. Instead of foregoing a fireplace altogether, some people opt for gas log fires.


Homeowners don’t have to sacrifice appearance when they install a gas fireplace. Modern gas logs, which are made of non-combustible cement or clay, are painted and detailed to look like burning wood. In fact, logs are available in different styles to represent different types of wood and different degrees of char. They have bark patterns, knotholes, and branches, just like a natural log.

Environmentally Friendly

Burning wood releases particulates into the air, and because …