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Louvered Roof System Costs. While louvered roof systems have been around for over 25 years, high-end custom homes in Israel, Australia, and South Africa have been the main market for this product.  Many People are just starting to get to know about this style of Louvered Patio Cover. You can find a lot of data on louvered roof systems with Houston Louvered Roof (www.houstonlouveredroof.com) or other pros near you.  There are information and louvered roof system model comparisons, how to build, engineer and install your louvered roof systems. Our main focus in this article will be price analysis on the US market between the louvered roof systems.

Perimeters impacting the price of the louvered roof structure The major difference in expense will be to choose the best supplier for you.   The prices can vary from the most affordable to the most expensive and can differ by as much as 400 percent. Keep in mind that the most costly is not always the best in most cases.  Be a smart consumer, ask the producers and compare them.

The width of your roof structure on the building. As a rule, the wider the roof structure will be, the more costly it will be.  And, with most manufacturers, if the width of your louvered roof system is greater, the louvered roof system price per square foot will be lower.

Because your louvered roof system is going to ship in a large box, it can be expensive to ship your louvered roof system.  If you live in a large metropolitan area close to the manufacturer or live in a farther rural area, the price of your louvered roof system will vary.

The model will affect the cost of your louvered roof structure.  An angled, oval, triangular or free-standing louvered roof system will be more costly than an attached rectangular louvered roof system.  The design of the louvered roof structure will vary from one fabricator to another. With some manufacturers, the cost will not be raised by a different design, and the price difference will be large with other manufacturers.

Various wind loads and snow loads will decide the louvered roof system’s spans and strengths.  Further support will be required for a louvered roof system on the Florida coast than a louvered roof system in Houston, TX.  There will also be the same support for snow loads. A louvered roof system in Upper New York will need to bear more snow load than a louvered roof system in Houston, TX. As a result, more material will be used and the cost will increase.

Various building departments in different cities use different codes and regulations.  For example, in Scottsdale, AZ will not require a permit for a 200 square foot or less louvered roof system, but the same louvered roof system in Phoenix, AZ will require a permit.  The price of your louvered roof structure will be added to the city charges, construction packages and contract times.

Equinox Louvered Roof

Many cities and architecture may require a specific location. This means an engineer is going to work on your specific plan and this cost is going to be added to the cost of your roof system.

With their louvered roof systems, most manufacturers will have 3-6 default colors.  Most manufacturers will also enable you to combine these standard colors without additional cost in the same louvered roof system.  You can always compare and look with different manufacturers for your desired colors and if you can’t find a color you like from any manufacturer, custom colors are an option as well.  As a rule, custom colors increase the cost of your roof system from 30 to 50 percent.

In addition to the louvered roof system choices, you will need to choose a substructure that suits your layout such as pillars, headers, and beams of support.  There are almost endless options and models and there are different prices for each of them. You can choose from the sub-structure of stucco, metal, roll forming, or extruded aluminum.

System of operation. Nevertheless, with an adjustable Patio Cover, most manufacturers will have the louvered roof system motorized as a standard option, you can choose between a manual operating system or a motorized operating system for your louvered roof system.  Choosing a manual roofing system will reduce your roofing system’s cost.

You can attach accessories such as motors, visors, rain and wind sensors, etc. to your louvered roof system with most manufacturers. Each of these accessories can add to the cost of your louvered roof system.