There are several possibilities when it comes to the cause of a sprinkler problem preventing your system from working optimally.  Common reasons for broken sprinkler systems may be able to be fixed by yourself or even possibly a professional. 

The last thing you want is a bursting pipe occurring sometime in the night while you sleep.  That would result in lots of water and money wasted. During the winter there are a number of things that can happen to your sprinkler. While this winter provided Tacoma, Washington with plenty of warm spells, you could still encounter problems when you first turn on your sprinklers. Here are some of the issues that we consider when we do maintenance of irrigation and how you can recognize these problems. It’s best to call a professional licensed company like Tacoma Sprinkler to handle repair with any of the issues below.

Broken Sprinkler Line 

How to spot Broken Sprinkler Lines can be triggered by compacting the stress on the line from the ground. This may be from animals joining the rows, or from a tree developing roots. Check for a water pressure difference between two heads of sprinklers or no water from them. It means somewhere between them there is a leak.

If you see lower water pressure, put caps in that zone on your sprinkler heads and run them once your grass is dried up. When you note the pipe’s really soggy and dirty dirt, this could mean you’ve got a broken line of the sprinkler.

Stuck Valves Stuck Sprinkler Valve You find that after the rest of your system is turned off, one or more sprinkler heads are still working. Debris can block the valve from closing and shutting off the water flow like small rocks. Until a sprinkler company comes in to repair it, you will want to make sure your water is switched off to prevent any damage to your sprinkler system. Typically they’re going to open the valve and clean it with a little cloth. Valves will not normally need to be replaced unless the spring or diaphragm is damaged. A good company provides guidance on how to wash your own valves if you want to do this yourself.

Burst Sprinkler Pipe Ponding This is mostly due to inadequate winterization of the sprinkler. Calling for a burst pipe is good because it can be a hard patch. When you notice ponding and puddles forming around the area where the pipe burst, you will know if you have a burst pipe. Hire a professional next fall to ensure that the compressed air blown out of your sprinkler system. This is what we do to make sure that during the winter no heat is left behind and freezes. Sprinkler Tacoma WA will help you find the best sprinkler system or service to suit your needs if you need to replace your current system with new products.